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Re: Enterprise Refit Color Question

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I am working on a Enterprise Refit model, one thing I am hung up on is the color of the hull. Was the refit mostly white? I was reading on a hobby forum that the color used on TMP was actually a pearl type paint, which was actually dulled in the movies II - VI. I am trying to create as close to TMP Enterprise as I can, or as close as I can get through simple air brushing.
I guess if you really want to get as close as possible, do the crazy TMP (as close as possible) pearlescent colours (there is a myriad of colours on her), and then ruin her, I mean give it a light dull coat and that'll mute all those colours.

The other big difference is that there was a lot of green on TMPs Enterprise (the back and around the deflector), and that was changed to blue eventually. That would be a big difference.

have fun!
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