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First time watching DS9.

I have seen all of Next Generation and most of Voyager and Enterprise. I tried to watch some DS9 in the past, but the few episodes I saw, I had no idea what was going on. So I promised myself I wouldnt watch it until I could see the whole thing in order.

I just started season 2, and Im not as into it as I was the other series. Im hoping like Next Generation, it gets better in later seasons(looking forward to seeing Worf again!)

One problem I have so far is that none of the characters has really caught my interest. Seems theres too much Jake. I really dont care for Dr Bashir. Dax seems a little too aloof. Its nice to see Chief O'Brien again, though his wife is still kind of annoying.

I do kind of like Odo and the Ferengi, but not so much together. A lot of the back and forth between Odo and Quark seems a little over the top.

I thought it was funny when the devil showed up for Dax.(anyone seen Brimstone?)

I noticed one minor the episode with Lwaxana, Odo reports they are stuck in lift 4. A few minutes later, in a log entry, Sisko reports that Odo and Lwaxana are still stuck in lift 7.
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