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Re: Luring people into suns -- why does it work so much?

We could also argue that two completely different virtual salesmen were selling two completely different products to two completely different customers - the landing party and the starship. LaForge just never realized he was being negotiated with / advertised at.

But such models still fail to explain why LaForge had to suffer that attack after Picard's solution - but no further attacks beyond it. If a different machine was selling a different weapon to LaForge, it should not have stopped when LaForge used the turbulence trick. If the same machine was doing the sales pitch, it should definitely have stopped simultaneously with the ground-based unit.

We do have to assume the unit LaForge destroyed was somehow out of control. But possibly it was in good working order, and was sent a proper shutdown command - it's just that the ionization associated with the turbulence trick meant that it never received it!

Timo Saloniemi
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