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I don't know, I hated every single character in Oz, but that was the point, wasn't it? And it's not as if people watched House because they liked House, right?
I liked House, the character, he seemed a like a genuine character with complicated issues. And there were plenty of times he showed great moments of real humanity. They were fleeting, sure, but they happened.

To the OP: I agree, Fraiser Crane is pretty big pompous ass, quite the opposite of the man we saw on Cheers. At times in "Frasier" it was hard to go along with him and want him to succeed because, well, he was a pompous ass. Look at an early episode where he seemed to struggle going to a steak-house with his father and enjoying it -even getting his tie cut off as it was forbidden wear in the place. He acted like he was in a foreign country or something and had no clue what he was doing or who he was with. This was a man who spent pretty much every minute of his free time the last nine years or so in a working-class bar.
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