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Re: Paid subscription for scifi short films and serialized shows

My attitude nowadays is Netflix or Nothing.

I have 300+ titles in my queue and I'm adding them faster than I can watch them. It would take something pretty frakking spectacular to get me to pay for content any other way.

A legit live-action Star Trek series for instance. Maybe Star Wars or B5. But stuff like that, I'd expect Netflix to get their paws on sooner or later.

I'd watch short films if they were on Netflix streaming and I had some reason to believe they were worth my while, but that's not my preferred format. I like stuff that's really worth my while, and promises a lot of content - several season's worth.

That's because the big "cost" to me is in my initial investment of time. I'm drowning in content, so I like to feel like bothering to spend the first five minutes with something will lead to more stuff that's worth five more minutes, and five more, etc. more than whatever else I could be watching instead.

I can't wait until I can boot up my web browser or iTV or Roku and scroll through my "channels."
Why wait, do it now. I do. There's just one channel on my Roku that I ever bother with (other than Pandora for music) but they seem to get a lot of cool shows like The Walking Dead, Parks & Recreation and Arrested Development.

The fact that they all came from different corporations matters no more to me than the fact that the groceries on the supermarket shelves come from different sources. Just show me everything at once and let me decide.

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