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Re: Luring people into suns -- why does it work so much?

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(See also the Jim Rockford maneuver of pulling into a parking lot, letting the pursuing car go past, then turning around and heading in the other direction. Or his trademark Rockford turn -- shift into reverse, drive straight back past the pursuers, then do a 180-degree spin while still moving and end up going forward without slowing down.)
The Rockford Files was awesome.

I sometimes wonder - the space-based weapon in The Arsenal of Freedom didn't disappear when Picard agreed to buy the system like the ground-based one did - I assume this is because of some type of damage to the machine which leads to the space module not getting the message to shut down. Presumably, when the Drake arrived at the planet, a similar sequence of events started as what happened to the Enterprise when it arrived - a ground-based weapon wiped out the Drake's landing party and a space module took out the ship. Let's suppose that the first weapon sent against the Drake was "stupid" similar to the first weapon that was destroyed by Yar - it just stood there and fired. Then the Echo Papa sent out a second space weapon, this time armed with a cloak, which was sufficient to overwhelm and destroy the Drake.

Said space module then never shut down and was hanging around in orbit to attack the Enterprise when it arrived (maybe in some kind of dormant state explaining why it didn't attack right away as soon as the E entered orbit). Let's say that, after La Forge's idea of suckering it into the planet's atmosphere worked and it was destroyed, if Picard had not been able to shut off the Echo Papa, would it have sent another weapon after the Enterprise, this one smart enough not to enter the atmosphere?
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