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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

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My own take on the scene is that Carol is suiting up in her EV suit (or unsuiting and getting into uniform) and is having a frank discussion with Kirk about something completely unrelated to her being half naked... The pose struck in the screen cap says to me: "WTF are you talking about, Jim??"... It just so happens that in the future, men and women can be in the same room half-dressed and it not be in a sexual context..
Or she could be going "WTF Jim" because he's trying not to look at her because she's the boss's daughter. The trailer seems to give that impression with the way it cuts from Kirk facing the back of the shuttle to her doing the WTF pose.
Could be. Maybe she wasn't the bosses daughter in the other universe (Adm. Marcus had another career path). Still, I have a tough time thinking of James T. Kirk as modest.

As far as the comment about how in the future, men and women may be in the same room half-dressed without any sexual content goes, if the "future" means after 25 years of marriage, I'll concur.
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