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Re: How much time passes between TMP and TWoK?

Jarod, I can shorten that to about Two-point-five minutes as I have both on my iPad and I can just hit the bathroom and grab a fresh soda.

lol Seriously, I have always figured there was at least 8-10 years subjective time between TMP and WoK
There had to be at least enough time for what is known as "The Second Five-Year Mission" (featuring the Movie Refit Enterprise and the soft uniforms
after that I estimate about One or two years of happenstance missions before Starfleet decided to retire the pastel uniforms and go on to something a tad more militaristic, turn the Enterprise into an academy training vessel and giving Kirk and Spock teaching missions on Earth.
ad to that the Five to Seven years from Space Seed to The Motion Picture, and you have the Fifteen Year Fill-in.

as to Final Frontier and Undiscovered Country I'm hesitant to have TFF be immediately after TVH due to the radical redesign of the Bridge. Particularly as it applies to the Placement of the Turbolifts For one thing, the exterior of the 1701-A doesn't look any different but the interior of the Bridge is at least twice as wide as it's predecessor in TMP-TVH
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