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Re: How much time passes between TMP and TWoK?

Minor hiccups:

TWoK: 2283 (the bottle of Romulan Ale)
-15 = 2268 for "Space Seed"
But the year on the bottle must be different from the year TWoK takes place; that's the only possible reason Kirk would express amazement and perhaps apprehension at seeing the year on the label.

VOY: "Q2" says the 5 year mission ended in 2270, and TMP says it's been 2.5 years since the 5YM ended.
But TMP says no such thing. It only says Kirk has been desk-bound for 2.5 years, and the only reference to the 5YM is that Kirk considers it a unique qualification of his for confronting the threat of the week. So it would seem that most Starfleet skippers never do 5YMs, which means they do something else, which means Kirk may well have been doing something else for X years between 2270 and TMP.

No Starfleet higher-up would force Admiral Kirk, as someone above suggested, to give up command for some supposedly nobler purpose.
To the contrary, Starfleet could easily flat out refuse to let Kirk the Savior to ever set foot out of a padded and shielded display case, uh, office, again. John Glenn was refused further spaceflights, and so was Yuri Gagarin...

If Generations is to be believed, he left Starfleet a few years later (again, fed up with the desk job) and retired to his family home in Iowa where he tried to settle down with a lady named Antonia.
...Or was thinking of retiring, but never got around to it.

Why is the 1701-C engaging the Romulans in battle, when it was outright stated in earlier TNG episodes that Starfleet hasn't had contact with them for a looooooong time?
This was stated in one episode, "The Neutral Zone" - after previous episodes such as "Angel One" had established ongoing contact with the Romulans!

The contact established in those was of the "warships confront each other" type, the same as in the "Yesterday's Enterprise" backstory. Presumably, that doesn't count as the sort of "direct contact" discussed in "TNZ", but comes under the heading of "indirect contact".

The overall feeling I get is that the movies steer clear of each other to such a degree that they never really manage to contradict each other - unlike the episodes.

Timo Saloniemi
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