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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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A whole generation of potential comic readers knew Hal as their first Green Lantern when they killed him.

Guess what eventually happened to that dead guy. Guess what happens to most dead guys in comic books.

(Unless this is the first arc you've ever read, I apologize for the spoiler of "Dead doesn't equal dead", especially once Bucky AND Jason Todd came back)
And Barry Allen.
At this point are Gwen Stacy and Uncle Ben still the only "big" characters still dead after a long time?
Well, Mar-Vell has never really came back. We've seen a skrull imposter, and atleast one clone, but the actual Mar-vell from the 616 universe has never returned, as far as I know (and if he did it definately wasn't for more than an issue or two, the closest I read was the kree made clone in an Avengers book a few months ago who I think had Mar-Vell's memories, but was still a clone who died quickly). So, thats one major hero who has never been brought back for any real period of time since his death in the main universe.
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