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Re: ENTERPRISE on Blu-Ray OFFICIAL Discussion Thread

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Judging from the various trailers and screenshots I've seen thus far, I'm preparing for this release to be somewhat mediocre/lackluster in terms of picture quality. Sadly, I would advise those expecting to see the visual "pop" of TNG season 1 to temper their expectations. I hope I'm wrong though.
I don't have an Apple TV box to rent or purchase HD content from iTunes but i would love to hear someone who does in a week do a comparison on their 46" or larger 1080p HDTV with an AppleTV and a blu-ray player to be able to compare the same season 1 episode picture quality of the two in 1080p.
That should be a much closer comparison than the DVD standard definition discs from 2005.
Sharpness, color, contrast, Digital Noise Removal (DNR) for the blu-ray mastering specifically.
I can do that. I have the standard discs, Apple TV, a big screen HD TV and the blu-rays coming next week.

I will let you know!
Well, having been a home cinema enthusiast for decades - going back to the LaserDsic days. I will say, I watch my movies/HD content on an extremely large screen in a dedicated room - I'm trying really hard to not be boastful here! I have the Blu's on order and will certainly post my humble opinion comparing them to the DVD's when they arrive. I'm gonna go out a limb and predict we're looking at a Firefly type set in terms of PQ. If any of you have that, I'm sure you'll understand - e.g., better than the DVD's, but overall, inconsistent and disappointing from an HD perspective.
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