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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

I'm not going to answer any of the latest stuff, except to say that this is not an objective review thread. In the end, its my opinion about the stuff I'm watching. If I think something sucks and was done badly, thats my opinion, and you're not going to change my mind. I'm done with wasting pages on this.

Now, back to what the thread (in theory) is about

Conflicts of Interest - Its always nice to see a new shot of the station. Garibaldi is getting a little annoying. I know he's been brainwashed, but was he really so stupid that he thought he'd get to keep his station assigned gun, link, and ID? I don't know why he wasn't required to turn them in the second he resigned. Learning about the different zathras' was interesting. Wouldn't Garibaldi's ID have been deleted from the system the second he left? That would have made his ID copy useless. Instead, Zach has to delete Garibaldi's clearance himself. I guess they kept it in assuming he'd come back, but you'd think regulations would say to immediately delete his clearance when he resigns. The whole Garibaldi sub plot this episode was interesting, even if a few parts were annoying. I'm sure the stuff they were transporting will turn out to not be what they said it was. The Voice of the resistance is interesting. Also, after watching this episode I watched its preview just because I felt like it. The preview was pretty misleading, to the point where it was almost outright lying about what would happen in the episode. I'm guessing that it wasn't the people working on B5 that made the previews back when the show was on.

Rumors, Bargains and Lies - People keep talking about Delenn breaking the Grey Council, but she really had no choice. It wasn't balanced anymore, and they were basically doing nothing. Even though the warrior minbari was acting resonable, I assumed he'd betray her by the end of the epoisode, and he did. Londo's scene with the Drazi ambassador was great. I liked the joke about the big eyes, big....everything else. This episode definately proved that the religious caste can be as stupid as the warrior caste. Trying to kill themselves so they can be martyrs was ridiculous. The way Sheridan messed with the League ambassadors was great. Overall, this was a good episode.

Moments of Transition - I wonder whatever happened to Minbari don't kill Minbari Most of the warrior caste are idiots. You'd think any human working on B5 wouldn't have any big connections to earth to worry about, so they could use unregistered telepaths without getting into trouble. Bester is great, as alwyas "Make sure he gets enough fiber" . I can't believe that Lyta had to go with Bester's plan. She's been helping B5 for so long, she was very important to the war. You'd think she'd get a salary as maybe the resident telepath in this situation. I know money is tight, but I think Sheridan could find a bit of money somewhere. I'm guessing that Baribaldi's boss either doesn't actually exist (which is why there are no pics of him) or he has another public identity. I'm pretty sure he's also working with Bester. Delenn managed the minbari problem well. The warrior caste leader was a coward. I liked her reasoning behind the new Grey Council. The earth military has definately crossed the line. Sheridan is right, its not just following orders anymore. They killed thousands of civilians. They're evil, and committing war crimes. It will be interesting to see how B5 responds. This was a very good episode. I'm glad the minbari stuff is settled, and that B5 is going to get more involved with stopping the bad military stuff.
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