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Re: NBC: Jimmy Fallon to replace Jay Leno in 2014

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BTW, I'm always surprised that people talk about Conan as if he's an innocent victim in all this when he basically stole George Lopez's timeslot.
If I recall, Conan was reluctant to take the TBS job for that very reason, until he received a personal phone call from George Lopez urging him to take the deal. Sure, that could have been public grandstanding (much like Jay publicly saying in 2004 that he was happy for Conan), but nonetheless the story was that Conan was considering turning down TBS' offer.

In the Tonight Show debacle, Conan never deviated from his belief that the Tonight Show was an institution, and that he would rather walk away from the show than accept a move to midnight. Going back to 12:35 was a no-go, because Fallon was already there and he didn't want to bump him out of his show, either. Jay Leno never said that he was willing to walk away from the "Jay Leno Show".

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What was so edgy about "Marge vs. the Monorail"?
It was a subtle (maybe too subtle) reminder that Conan O'Brien wrote "Marge vs the Monorail", as well as several other episodes of the Simpsons, which have gone down as some of the best episodes of that show's ENTIRE run.
Yeah, George was trying to get Conan to sign on. Here's an article on it:

And the relevant portion:
Escapist Magazine wrote:
Conan O'Brien is not going to Fox or even Comedy Central. He instead will be appearing on TBS (Turner Broadcasting System) as early as November. The potential deal with Fox soured when it was clear that the network wasn't going to let O'Brien own his show. TBS was ready to play ball, however, offering a reported 8 figure deal and complete show ownership. O'Brien was initially reluctant to bump George Lopez from his 11pm EST time slot, like Leno did to him this year, but was persuaded when the Latino comic called him personally to urge him to come to TBS.

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