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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

Ok.. So I'm late to the party on this, but I'll throw my two cents in..

Yes, the Alice-in-her-undies shot is meant to add a bit of cheesecake to the trailer and generate discussion just like this...

However, as to the objectification of women in the movie itself, I think it's probably taken out of context...

Many movies set in the future display more of a sense of equality between men and women.. Troops sharing showers in a non-sexual nature in Starship Troopers, for example.. Yes.. Cheesecakey for sure for the audience, but it's meant to portray that we're more comforatble with our own bodies and sexuality in the future.

My own take on the scene is that Carol is suiting up in her EV suit (or unsuiting and getting into uniform) and is having a frank discussion with Kirk about something completely unrelated to her being half naked... The pose struck in the screen cap says to me: "WTF are you talking about, Jim??"... It just so happens that in the future, men and women can be in the same room half-dressed and it not be in a sexual context..

Just playing devil's advocate here...

And the ship falling from the sky definitely looks to be the Enterprise, especially since it says NCC-1701 on it..
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