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Re: So just how old WAS Pike?

If the character were the same age as the actor, you might exspect "about our age."

However if Mendez were significantly older, let's say Mendez was in his mid-sixties, then referring to two younger men who were themselves 15 years apart as being about the same age might make more sense.

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You got it the wrong way around: the terminology is the same, everything else is different. Starfleet is not the U.S. Navy.
Both are the professional uniformed armed forces of their civilizations.

It has some similarities, but you can't infer anything about Starfleet by refering to the U.S. Navy
The Navy and Starfleet have many organizational similarities, and the rank structure for commissioned officers is the same.

they don't have the same objective
Defense first (break things and hurt people), everything else they're called on to do second.

they don't use the same kind of equipment.
15th century naval vessels and 21th century naval vessel had a few differences in equipment too.

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