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Re: New Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser!

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I think it's hard to take any defense of JJ Trek seriously when your avatar is the enterprise "splishing" into the water like this is something to celebrate.
The Enterprise crashing into water is something new! I want to see something new and different!
And hell it isn't even that new of a concept for Trek: from TNG through Voyager we've had starships crashing or hardlanding on planets a plenty. Even TOS had the Enterprise near crashing into the Earth at least once. JJ's take on the ideal just looks a lot, lot better--owing to new SFX techniques. And this time it looks more real, more "painful" to watch.

Watching the shots of the crash in the trailers makes me think (unlike the first movie and the TNG movies) this time around they get that the Enterprise is a character too and we need to feel happy when she wins and sad/mad when she's hurt and losing.
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