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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

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When did Star Trek fans get all prudish??? Classic Trek was known for the outfits the women wore (or didn't)

For me, the problem with that shot in the trailer is that it doesn't fit with the rest - it's all action shots, high energy, lots of movement, and then *bam* it's practically a freeze-frame of Eve, then back to action. If the shot of Eve had more movement rather than just the awkward pose, it wouldn't be as jarring.
I don't get how people find it jarring. It's a quick little snap and move on; whole trailer's like that--trailers in general are like that. Just click, click, click, click, from one shot to the next. Certainly no more jarring than moving from one action shot to a character shot of any other character. It's just cause she's in her skivvies that it stands out.
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