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Quinto's Spock is dead-on and just fine. It's great to have the character back in his prime after forty years.

Nimoy, Quinto, Blalock and Alley are the only actors who've made Vulcan characters interesting.

But dont you think Nimoy's Spock is now much much closer to his human side than Quinto's Spock will ever be.

Nimoy's Spock told Quinto's Spock to put aside logic and do what feels right or in other words ....there is nothing wrong in acting like a human.

I believe that is a huge deal for TOS Spock after years or let me say a lifetime of acting so cold and stoic.
If by "closer" you mean more comfortable with his human side, I'd agree. He was at war with it. Over time, he made peace with his human side. I thought Spock had a very consistent story arc in TOS and the movies. In TMP he discovered through his mind meld with V-Ger that what he wanted in life more than anything, a life of pure logic, would be an empty life. The movies end with him telling Kirk he should tell Starfleet to "go to hell" rather than just turn around and go home as ordered. Along the way, he learns how to use colorful metaphors and eats some marshmellons. He's comfortable lying, even if he ratinalizes the lies.

I aways thought Spock Prime knew Spock wouldn't understand his advice (do what feels right) because he knows he wouldn't have understood it at that age. Still, he had to say it to give him something to think about in the future. A realization that it's possible that with logic alone, he's missing out on a fuller, more meaningful life.

At the same time, I think Quinto's Spock, having gone through the loss of his planet and his mother, having his full Vulcan and very important dad admit to him he went with his feelings and married a human out of love, and trying to have a relationship with Uhura is probably more willing and comfortable exploring his human side than Spock Prime was at that age.

If Quinto played Spock kind of like an uncertain adolescent trying to figure out who he is, I could see that. But this Spock's journey is much different than Spock Prime's.
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