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How Do You Define Success In Life?

I was having a discussion recently with an on-line friend, a Washington state native. He's been doing a lot of traveling all over Europe this past year, and he said he's never been happier in his life.

When he was younger, after working for a large corporation in the IT field, he went on to go to college and graduated but still felt dissatisfied. He was also going through anxiety and depression. Years later he took an inventory of where he was and he would like to be, and having done traveling this past year has given him a great sense of satisfaction.

I tell "Peter" that I envy and admire him--that I could never do what he did and is currently doing. He's sold or given away a lot of his personal belongings and decided to live a minimalistic life, traveling from Budapest to London to Moscow to Rome to Krakow to Vienna to Dubrovnik and Bratislava. His philosophy is that he's trying to live life to the fullest and that tomorrow is very uncertain--he could get hit by a bus or get afflicted with a life-threatening illness.

Where I am in life right now, I'm not exactly miserable but am not ecstatic either. I wish I could be more like Peter--carefree, bold, adventurous. My definition of success or happiness lies not in having a six-figure salary or getting married and raising a family of my own. It's about self-fulfillment and self-enrichment, but as content as I am with the way things are, I find myself wanting more.

What's your definition of success? Does it equate happiness, peace of mind, or contentment, or does happiness happen as a result of being successful? What say you?
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