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Re: Yet another "Memory Wall" post

Except that if you saw such a person to person capture in 2001 (as opposed to that film's capture by pod), you'd've seen realistic tumbling on the part of the catchee, instead of the rather lame "kirk anchored in space by planting his feet firmly on the floor" effect in the film.

Maybe they should have at least inverted the camera to distract away from that incongruity, or put in a flash of light or sound to indicate thrusters stabilizing him against Spock's impact.

What I really took away from that scene was that while it was okay for Spock to look like crap given what he has been through, Shatner looks positively horrible skinwise. It's like Trumbull shot it w/o a makeup or lighting crew, or maybe he just didn't care about that aspect. Considering how unflattering the lighting is in much of the rest of the film, maybe the latter.
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