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Re: STTMP vignette from the 1970s

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That's the Matt Yuricich Vulcan, the one that SHOULD have been in the film. (STARLOG published a shot of him working on this with the approved smaller concept version of the shot next to him.)
Here it is.

And here is a composite (maybe a test):

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BTW I saw the featurette days ago then lost it on youtube, it's not an EASY find to make.
This is why it is safely stored on my Trek Hard Disk since I first saw it!

Unlike the theatrical AND the DE, that image lives up to the "hot as Vulcan" line for me.

I kind of wonder if the really awful side profile view of the saucer during the wingwalk at the end of the movie was painted by the same bozo who wrecked this thing, because it is hard for me to believe Yuricich could have done that one either.
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