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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

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Nimoy, Quinto, Blalock and Alley are the only actors who've made Vulcan characters interesting.
Blalock? Excuse me, but she was the second worst actress to portray a Vulcan right after Kim Cattrall!

I think that Nimoy, Lenard and Russ have defined how a Vulcan should be played.
Blalock did a much better job in seasons 3 & 4. Season 2 T'Pol was pretty bad and Season 1 just awful but I don't think it was her fault, more the fault of the producers and scriptwriters.
I agree. Yes, she may have struggled with the role in the early run, but she always came off as an ever unsure Vulcan all thru the series. But that was T'Pol, it was part of her appeal for me. And many of the story lines explored that aspect of T'Pol. When she says to Archer as he goes to war , "I don't want you to die!" It gets me every time. I felt her characters struggle to be that emotionally honest with a man she adores, even if it's not the Vulcan way.
Quinto is finding that balance too I think, and he's doing a great job... comedy is easy, playing a Vulcan is hard.
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