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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

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Nimoy, Quinto, Blalock and Alley are the only actors who've made Vulcan characters interesting.
Blalock? Excuse me, but she was the second worst actress to portray a Vulcan right after Kim Cattrall!
Nope. Sorry.

I think that Nimoy, Lenard and Russ have defined how a Vulcan should be played.
You got one right.

Quinto, Blalock and Alley were actual actors playing individuals. Most other performers who've been assigned these parts - I suppose with the partial exception of Lenard - just relied on mimicking Nimoy. Russ brought nothing memorable to his part at all.

The notion of "the way a Vulcan should be played" is arrant nonsense, but it fits comfortably into the broad stereotyping that Trek fans are used to. It's so much more fun to watch actors play people than racial stereotypes.
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