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Re: New poster seems proof UHURA has replaced DR. MCCOY in the big thr

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Like I said in the last thread to cover this issue: so what? This is a reboot, that means doing something new and different. If they want to make Uhura one of the "Big Three" I have no problem with that. That's what you do with a reboot.

At times I don't understand this forum. You have people decrying Star Trek's tired old formula which led to the death of the franchise and that it's time for something new. But then Uhura's role is increased and it's "How dare they replace McCoy with Uhura, that goes against the old dynamic. I am outraged!" I'm not even going to comment on the contradiction between the "time for something new" sentimality and the "bring back Khan" rhetoric.
This post was an observation about the apparent replacement. The discussion so far does not seem to imply any "outrage" by anyone over it. I think you need to take a serious chill as you are the only one over reacting.
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