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Re: New poster seems proof UHURA has replaced DR. MCCOY in the big thr

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Well they replaced Bones with Uhura in the last poster too. I think it's just movie economics. Girl power and all that bullshit. As Red Letter Media review said, they wouldn't want anyone thinking these characters might be gay.
I think it sucks that Bones isn't on it though but it seems to me that his character won't have as big a role in JJs movies. Which is a damn shame if true because Urban does an awesome Bones.

Its marketing, not girl power. They did similar things in the 80s posters, as has been pointed out.
Yeah but this is the tennies and it's definitely appealing to a female demographic more than it did before.

Bones had a bigger role than in some of the ST original movies.
Didn't feel as big. He always seemed like a vital part in the originals. When things were discussed it was him, Kirk and Spock. It was him and Kirk in an elevator, not Uhura. It was him and Kirk in a Klingon Prison. It was Kirk, Spock and McCoy against God. Out camping etc
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