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Re: Jedi nerfed in TCW?

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Hardly. Yoda was also subject to this surprise, but he survived. Before you say he was tipped off by sensing the death of other Jedi, that same power should have applied to some of the other Jedi as well (since they did not all die at the same moment, and would have felt the disturbance), but it did not. Once again, another inconsistency.
It's cute how you keep predicting my responses by noting the obvious problems with your own position, but really, I don't need the help. You're conveniently leaving out the following facts: Yoda is over 800 years old and thus has more years of Force experience than literally anyone else we know of in the entire saga, and Yoda also is implied to have the second-highest midichlorian count on record, second only to the Chosen One. Because of these facts his possibly greater sensing is no inconsistency at all. You also seem to ignore the fact that for whatever reason Yoda was faced with all of two clones.

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and still none were able to successfully defend themselves or survive? Every Jedi in the temple? Really?
You're still acting as if you watched all the adult Jedi in the temple face the clones. You did not. It's all in your imagination. And once again, though you ignored it the last time: overwhelming numbers. By your logic, any group is summarily dubbed "clueless" if a large enough force is used against it, and thus the charge becomes meaningless. ( Also, it's possible that some may have escaped the temple, and as far as I know this may be detailed in the EU somewhere. )

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Yeah, sure, because at 1:22 into the film, Jedi are not doing much other than falling like a mannequin. Trained Jedi--and they were not all younglings, either.
No middle ground between youngling and master, eh? Since you seem to know things about what went on in the temple that even George Lucas doesn't know, and somehow got a closer look than the rest of the audience, tell me about these Jedi, plural, you see "falling like a mannequin". I suppose the Jedi in question must be veteran Jedi Masters, as opposed to padawans, right? And how do you know that these Jedi didn't kill a fair number of clones before dying? You're only seeing a few seconds of a longer incident. Number of clones killed is still the benchmark, right? Or has it been shitcanned in favor of "because the Jedi didn't survive, they're all punks"? Because by that measurement Jukassa did no better than anyone else.

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A fair count comes away with 17 - 20 active clones in that scene. That's not small by any measure.
When compared against several thousand? I'm afraid it is. ( And I think you're adding about 5 clones to your fair count, but whatever. )
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