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BBC iPlayer and commissioned original short films

Just today
The BBC has confirmed that it will broadcast six short films exclusively on iPlayer over the next two years, becoming the latest media outlet to debut original content on its online video streaming service. The BBC says that the dramas will feature "up and coming talent" that is linked to the BBC Three brand, providing UK license-fee payers with the opportunity to watch content in their own time or on the move.
This shows yet another major player showing commissioned short films as original content on a streaming-only service and not on a linear channel. No not just short films picked up like IFC has done for over a decade but commissioned short films.

The new content will be produced in conjunction with BBC Three,
according to Fast Company.
It's almost certain that the BBC will use its broadcast channels to promote and advertise its online-only content, giving its new content every chance of succeeding in an online-only environment.
And this is what it will probably take: support from some owned linear TV channels for promotion. The chicken before the egg is why would a company that owns linear channels want to drive people towards online-only streaming/downloads? It depends on how many eyeballs are there and cut the cord to cable with linear channels...
BBC to debut six iPlayer-exclusive short films
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