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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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"So comics sales aren't what they used to be. We need to start branching out and reaching new readers."

"Exactly. Comics are still seen as not quite diverse enough."

"There's only one solution. Kill off one of the most prominent characters of color in the DCU."

QFT. A whole generation of potential comics readers know John as their first Green Lantern.
Unfortunately most of these potential comic readers don't read comics so frankly imo their opinions shouldn't be considered. I'm looking at most hipsters/tumblr-users here that Marvel has spent all their time pandering to.

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They just need to get rid of DiDio...which is going to be a hard thing to do since he seems to have Diane Nelson's support. So if Nelson is removed as CEO then perhaps there will be some kind of regime overhaul again. I doubt this will happen.
They also need to get rid of Jim Lee and Bob Harras too. Harras more than Didio now that I think about it.

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