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^There are tons of mexican dishes without beans, girl!
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Have you ever had coconut ice cream? It's fabulous.
I won't rest now until I find some of this. I absolutely love coconut in just about anything. I once bought a bag of Coconut M&Ms and almost ate the whole thing in one night.
You'd love these:

They're like little egg boobs!

I love coconut. J, you should be able to find So Delicious brand coconut ice cream in the supermarket near the nondairy ice creams. So Delicious also makes the most amazing nondairy coconut based eggnog -- I am a fan of eggnog, but both my sisters are vegan so we were getting Silk Soy nog for years, which is fine, but not great. So Delicious, though, is the best eggnog I've ever had!

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