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Re: "Upside Down" sci fi romance film (May 2011) with Jim Strugess

a review is up
Review: Spectacular Inverted Indie Sci-Fi Romance in 'Upside Down'

The fact that it was even envisioned, made, pulled off, and delivered (all outside of the Hollywood system, mind you) in such epic grandeur, with glorious sets, is why I couldn't help but admire every last second of this sci-fi. When did we stop appreciating cinematic spectacle?
I didn't even go to any press screenings, I paid to see this film twice in theaters,
I loved that everything and every idea you would ever want them to play with in a dual gravity world, they explore.
It works so much better in context, because the sci-fi world is so immaculately conceived with an unexpected attention to sci-fi detail.
The sets were crafted by Alex McDowell, production designer on Minority Report, Zack Snyder's Watchmen and Man of Steel, and they look exceptional
While any review that mentions the cinematography a lot is usually code for a bad film this one talks about the sci-fi world building including the production design & art direction to create it and the sci-fi aspect of it which I really love and it wasn't even a scifi website but a regular movie website. There are comparisons with Andrew Niccol's Gattaca (1997).
About the director on Upside Down's story:
he has all the various pieces of a sci-fi classic, but had trouble pulling them all together to tell a fully cohesive and emotionally enlightening story. There's more emotion in the visuals and concept than the love story at the center of the film, but I felt like he balanced it precariously enough to keep me from getting frustrated.
They made me believe in this place, get lost on these two worlds where I've never been, but wanted to spend time exploring. To me, that's what great sci-fi is about - crafting an extraordinary world and telling a worthy story in it, even if it's not the best story.
In the USA March 15 limited theatrical release.
This Spring in European countries.

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