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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

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Other than that, lot's of generic action movie shit, revenge plotlines etc...

Pine and Cumberbatch look to be having fun though.
You mean like a space battle....oh wait, almost every ST movie; or you mean a chase on foot or vehicle...oops that was in STIII, STIV, STVI, STGEN, STINS, STNEM; or you mean assasination attempt, oh that was in STVI; a crash on a planet, damn that was in STIII, SIV STGEN...; revenge? ah that was in STII, STFC, STINS, STNEM, crap I guess ST movies were action adventure too. They just didn't have $185 million to spend.

There certainly wasn't any in running, no jumping no shooting...nevermind....

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