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Geez. Seems like everybody hates every episode of Voyager. If that hate could be harnessed as an energy source, it would be an infinite source of energy!
This is one of the worst because it was so predictable.

It's also so bad, that this is the first thread about the episode I've ever seen in the ten years I've been here, which only exists because the original poster is praying that there's some secret and mysterious sub-basement of interestingness and depth they missed, because he can't have wasted 40 minutes of his precious life on something this plainly blunt and entry level.

Have you seen Shutter island?

This is as disappointing as shutter island in exactly the same way!

(This) Nemesis is Kinda exactly like Shutter Island, that the hero Cop investigating a murder in an insane asylum turns out to have always been a patient in the asylum and these thoughts that he's a cop are just his fantasies but... Sucker Punch totally stole the plot of (this) Nemesis and then added a couple layers... I hate Suckerpunch because I thought it was too fricking straight forward and a feeble excuse to objectify young barely reasonably attractive girls into thinking that they are the second coming of the Pussycat Dolls.

Also because this episode is so bad, it's hardly ever mentioned here, so I rarely get to complain about it, and it's unlikely I ever will again, so I'd best drain the total venom in my soul now as this opportunity will not likely present itself again.
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