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Re: STTMP vignette from the 1970s

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What's up with that TAS-style planet Vulcan matte painting? How come we didn't see it in the final movie?

Poor Persis crying as she gets her head shaved

Very cool to see this, a great find!
That's the Matt Yuricich Vulcan, the one that SHOULD have been in the film. (STARLOG published a shot of him working on this with the approved smaller concept version of the shot next to him.)

According to a knowledgeable TMP guy and ex-poster here, the shot was pulled from EEG (Trumbull's group) and farmed out to be done elsewhere (Anderson? whoever it was they went uncredited), hence the total bullshit version in the release print.

I think this is another one you can blame on Katzenberg since he was responsible for looking after the post side on TMP, and probably deserves more blame than anybody for letting things get so out of hand before they were able to get Trumbull and Dykstra in to save their bacon.
Thanks for the info, and thanks to Maab for the pics!
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