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In TMP, the Enterprise explored the surface and interior of V'Ger. They where only exploring it as a consequence of the Klingon attack and the fact it was headed for Earth. They knew the co-ordinates and went to it. They did not happen upon the cloud whilst already exploring and exploration was not their mission.

In TWOK, the Reliant explored what they thought was Ceti Alpha Six. They went to Ceti Alpha 6, a planet already charted in a Federation star system to find a planet suitable for Genesis. They where not on a mission of exploration.

In TSFS, the Grissom explored the Genesis Planet. Maybe this one counts. Not sure

In TFF, the Enterprise explored the planet that Sybok believed to be Sha Ka Ree. Enterprise was responding to a terrorist not exploring though

In TUC, the Excelsior had just explored Beta Quadrant, cataloging gaseous planetary anomalies. YES ok but hardly the main plot of the movie! It was just one line.

In INS, the duck blind was studying the Ba'ku, apparently as part of a mission to explore the Briar Patch, which covered their true purpose. Enterprise was responding to a distress call from the Admiral, they where not in the briar patch to explore it.

In NEM, Picard and company explored the surface of Kolarus III in a dune buggy. No they didn't, they where looking for bits of android!
When I say no exploring I mean that the Enterprise was not on a mission of exploration. In each instance they where doing something else. Now if the Enterprise was out in an uncharted sector of space exploring and detected V'Ger THAT would count.
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