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Re: New poster seems proof UHURA has replaced DR. MCCOY in the big thr

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That's not even close to being true.
I would suggest watching a few behind the scenes featurettes on how they do performance capture for these things and how integral the actor's work is, especially in something like Avatar or the LOTR/Hobbit movies.
My point is, Saldana's performance wasn't critical to the success of the movie, in my opinion. Any half decent actress could have done the same thing she did and the movie still would have been a blockbuster.

Flat out disagree...Zoe Saldana's acting in Avatar got a lot of critical acclaim and it is her best work to date. I think someone has mentioned why Avatar was so ground breaking. It was the actors that did all the acting, it was not animation or kids or body doubles

Here is the proof:

When the film first came out there were whispers that ZoŽ was going to get a best actress nomination of her role as the Navi Princess but that didn’t happen

Such a shame since Kate Winslet got an Oscar nomination for best actress despite her terrible American accent in Titanic.

chris pine and zoe saldana are the biggest stars among the cast. The Academy chose both of them to host the technical Oscars and both were asked to represent Star Trek at the main Oscars.

Why not Chris and Zachary?

Don’t get me wrong, Zachary is huge as well and he will always be an icon to many TV fans and geeks because of his role as Sylar on HEROES. However Zachary doesn’t seem to have the heartthrob status that Chris Pine has (despite the fact that Zachary is more handsome than Chris).

Paramount does feel that Chris and Zoe are the prettiest and most commercial people among the cast so Paramount has decided to make both of them the face of the new film.

A lot of TOS purist fans have to accept it. This is year 2013, Star Trek can’t commercially survive with 3 Men on the poster. you need a woman, you need a woman, You need a woman.

In references to Lord of the Rings, The poster of the Two Towers had Aragon in between Arwen and Ewoyn . Arwen didn’t even have up to 10 minutes on screen time and the film was 3 hours long and even worse the love triangle in the Two Towers was secondary to the main plot story.

So, WOMEN MATTER......I just wish they weren’t so objectified in Star Trek.

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