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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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These plans just keep getting better with each refinement. The "Changeling" mad rush corridor is now very clear to see. Are there going to be examples of similiar staircases elsewhere in your plans? It would be odd if there were only one, although the central "doughnut" is certainly a good location for them.
Thanks for the kind comment. I'm not to happy about the angle of the "mad rush" corridor. In a 3D presentation or a CGI walkthrough the odd angle wouldn't be that noticable but in 2D its shortcomings in the "good look department" are apparently obvious.

Bele's and Lokai's running in "Let That Be..." (not to forget Kirk in ST II) is a clear hint, IMHO, that there are definitely stairways in the saucer hull which (counter-clockwise) lead to lower decks.

With the engineering hull, it will eventually be a question of neccesity, considering we already have plenty of standard and tri-ladders connecting the decks.

Interestingly, I originally planned to have a circular stairway in the central engineering core area. But the first season Jeffries Tube corridor on E-Deck 12 adjacent to Kirk's provisional quarters and the tri-ladder shafts from "In A Mirror Darkly" would apparently be too much in the way.

One staircase I missed to illustrate is the stairway opposite to the Jefferies Tube in the "mad rush" corridor. This one would lead down to E-Deck 10 (no components in the way of such location) and would explain from where Kirk and McCoy popped up in "The Ultimate Computer" (prior to their attempt disconnecting the M-5 from its power source). This would eliminate the need of the two turbo lifts port and starboard - and I might still get two cabins there.

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How tall is Deck 9? You seem to have put the entire height of the Engine Room in there without it interfereing in Deck 8 above.
Good observation. According to my cutaway drafts and my friends CAD drawing of the exterior hull with the windows, E-Deck 9 is indeed rather high. In the central axis E-Deck 9 is 10' tall, but in the outer areas you only have a height of a little over 6' (engine room floor level) and a much bigger height at the "balcony" level (good news: this matches the exterior windows!).

There is still enough headspace for the beam-in point aboard Constellation of Kirk's landing party in "The Doomsday-Machine" on E-Deck 8 above, but further astern they are running out of the headspace on E-Deck 8.

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Finally, I DO like the moveable partition wall in Engineering - it covers so many changes in the number and positioning of the energizers. I vaguely imagined them popping in and out of the floor, but your (considerably) simpler solution works a lot better!
Thanks, that makes us two. Although it doesn't show in the plans (these ideas I get after I scanned and labelled the drafts become "annoying"), I'd presume that the energizers attach with their backs onto the cathedral's lower components.

As we had seen in "The Enemy Within" there are definitely in- and outlets at the back of the energizers that would justify such an idea. Thus, I imagine a little alley (not seen in TOS) of energizers behind the engine room wall. Since their backs are usually attached to the cathedral, you have to bring these into the engine room, especially to perform repair and maintenance on their back sides, which usually wouldn't be accessible.

I've now finished another (hopefully close to final) version of E-Deck 13 which I will soon present, stay tuned.

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