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Re: How much time passes between TMP and TWoK?

I think TUC ignored TFF more than WoK ignored TMP. Wheras nothing in TMP contradicted by WoK, putting TFF and TUC together does leave you with some head scratchers...

-Kirk is suddenly a Klingon-hater, despite showing no particular animosity toward them in V. His hated is explicitly stated to stem from David's death in III.

-Scotty/Uhura is never mentioned.

-The Enterprise-A looks less advanced, particularly the bridge which has sprouted lots of push buttons, had the carpet torn out and most of the lights turned off. Engineering also looks totally different.

TUC also sits awkwardly next to "Yesterday's Enterprise" which explicitly states and shows that Klingon/Federation peace only came about after the heroic death of the Enterprise-C. One can fudge that the peace broke down after VI and YE saved it, but that's rather unsatisfying (not to mention implausible, since the Klingons were crippled by the Praxis explosion). They're more like two different versions of how the Federation and Klingons made peace.
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