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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

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Bring Back Nick Meyer!!!!

...No! That would totally suck. LOL!

Bring on the new movie!
You scared me for a minute!!!

After digesting it, this seems like this can be extremely good. Orci is into conspiracy theory/government over up type things, and this seems like something he would have enjoy writing about. Granted, we got a little of the government cover-up kind of thing "Insurrection," but that was overshadowed by the fact that it was "Insurrection."

The only critique I have is that the Carol Marcus Underwear thing seems out of place. It's "Trailer... Trailer... Trailer... Almost Nude Woman... Trailer.. Trailer.." I have no problem with the fact that she appears that way in the fil, but I think it just stuck out like a sore thumb in the context of what was a really excellent trailer instead of something more subtle. Of course Alice Eve's physical attributes are not.. um.. subtle.

Pardon my language for a moment, but if anyone says Gene Roddenberry is "rolling in his grave," it is only to make room for the massive hard-on he just got seeing that.
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