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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

The poor Baron died? Oh dear. Did Kitty walk out of that captivity with a full set of the Barons memories and skills?

I'm not saying that a fraction of Karza is still in there pushing her to be a *&^%, but it's possible that between him and Ogun she could be playing a very complicated long game towards absolute power which has had her at the least metaphorically pushing her "opposition" under buses and off cliffs as she climbs the rungs of power... She's co-principle of Xavier's School which makes "Katherine" the de facto leader of all Mutantkind in some eyes, even if Hank is sitting at the table with the New Avengers which doesn't mean shit now that that job doesn't come with an infinity Gem, even if they unilaterally speak for Earth for all galactic considerations, as if elected officials and absolute dictators equally don't add up to a hill of beans.


I never read spawn either, but I did watch the price of Angela's first appearance unrealistically tick up month after month when I thought personally that all Spawn deserved to be in the quarter bin.

Todd McFarlane was on The Talking Dead the other night, not too bad a public speaker.
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