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Re: College: Gender Studies (Feminism Discussion)

I consider myself to b a feminist and my reasons for being a feminist is because all through my life I have seen the inequality that women have had to put up with. For example

In the 1950s and 1960s In Tasmania (when I was a child) - women were forced to give up their public service jobs when they married - the exception to this was teachers and nurses.

Married women couldn't serve in the Armed Forces.

In the early 1970s when I was in high school girls were not allowed to study woodwork, metal work or technical drawing. We had to do home economics (i.e. cooking and sewing) instead.

In 1975 I applied for the first TV repair apprentiship offered in a Tasmania to a female. Up to then the only apprentiships that it was easy for a girl to get was in hairdressing.

In 1982 I had to get my husband's permission to have a tubal ligation despite me having it done because I had serious complications during my pregnancies and births.

In the 1980s women were offered jobs as drivers for our government run bus service for the first time. There were many men who objected to this say that they would refuse to board a bus being driven by a woman. A couple of years later there was the same sort of controversary about female pilots. And female jockeys as well.

Up to the 1990s in most places in the West, a man couldn't be charged with rape if his victim was his wife.

etc etc

It was the feminist movement that was fundamental in bringing around the changes that stop the above and many other practices. Though we have come along way in granting women equality, there is still quite a way to go.

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