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Oh yeah, the stuff is great! I like it chunky (pico de gallo) over the often more watery salsa. It doesn't run off chips (tortilla chips, that is) as much.

I used to make it as simply as you, teacake, but as I posted, Hubby is particular (read: he complains...a lot), which is why it took NINE years to get "right." He'd offer suggestions, some vague, some not-so-vague: "more tomato" or "too much onion" or "I'm not a cow" (the "grazing" of cilantro) or "I don't wanna bite into a chunk of onion or jalapeņo"

Now, I just eyeball things, based on how much tomato. I mean, you usually have an entire onion, bunches of green onion and cilantro, and a whole jar of jalapeņo, so you're not going to run out of those. As for the jalapeņo vinegar, if it runs low in the jar, just add some white vinegar--so you can actually use that vinegar for other purposes, too.'ve never tried pico de gallo? Oh, my! You have been missing out!
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