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Re: If you are in the process of deciding a middle name for your child

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Kestrel wrote: View Post
"Asskicker." Or "Lil' Asskicker" if you don't mind two middle names.
But the eventual spoonerism that's going to slip out, from the word-salad people is "kill Asslicker" which is just poor parenting in my opinion, painting a target on your kids forehead like that.
Good point. Just Asskicker then.

auntiehill wrote: View Post
A middle name is needed so the child will know when he/she is REALLY in trouble.

(Oh, it's just Mom; I'll ignore her)

(Just a minute!)

(Shit! I'm in trouble!)
SO true! Although my mom didn't stop there - I also got to hear my father's, grandfather's and great-grandfather's names tacked on all in a long shout when it got really bad.
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