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Re: Brannon Braga on DS9

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You're right, we don't. Then again, we don't need to.
Yeah, I think we do.

Braga was no newb when he signed onto Voyager and Enterprise, he knew the culture, conditions and constraints.
Not really. He hadn't done a network show as constrained as VOY was before.

He also re-upped many times. Rather than test boundaries or rock boats (as others had successfully done)
No one successfully did it against UPN.

he opted to play things safe. At every turn he sought to prove he was a "good company man" all the way.

If he had stood up at all back then he would be regarded differently now.
No, I think you'd still think he was a hack who wasn't strong enough to overpower Network execs (which even Ira Behr and Moore couldn't do).

Now, as more time goes by, he just comes across as a guy trying to rewrite history.
No, he's a guy that isn't trapped by contracts and can speak more freely.

Which is less than what TOS had to deal with (26 fifty-minute episodes a season).
TOS was only on for 3 years.

In the context of history and the bigger picture Braga really has no excuse
UPN is a perfect justification.
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