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Re: Brannon Braga on DS9

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This sums up my feelings exactly. A savy writer and showrunner knows how to get arround the idiotic ideas or suggestions of of executives.
Ira Behr couldn't when he did the Twilight Zone series for UPN.

The DS9 writers had it WAY easy, and they whine about how it wasn't easier.

The reality is that a BIG part of the problem was also Berman. Ira Behr himself has commented on the absurd arguments that he would get into with Berman over story concepts for DS9 (like Berman fighting him on whether Nog could lose a leg).
Behr's a whiner who doesn't appreciate how things could've been worse.

Berman had no vision and was company man at heart. He did not really care what they put out as long as the execs were happy.
He wanted DS9 to be the only Trek show on at the time and wait until it was done to do VOY. He had the right ideas, but couldn't fight off the Paramount Execs above him.

Neither her nor Braga were all that interested in pushing the envelope. They were just interested in treading water...and that was what ultimately killed Prime Trek.
No they weren't, they're just scapegoats that get singled out for abuse by folks who want scapegoats.
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