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Exploration: File under beating a dead horse. Most of the exploration was a sidebar to the real Trek stories and sometimes even that was within a parable, so exploration was not the central theme. The movies explored little...Sulu was doing scientific tests on Excelsior (but that wouldn't have excited people as a story), Genesis was explored by Reliant and Grissom (again not the central story), even V'Ger--as alien as it was--went to Earth. Every Trek movie but ONE had scenes on Earth.

TMP: Threat to Earth from Massive Energy Cloud, no exploring - Scenes on Earth and in orbit
TWOK: Khan wants revenge, no exploring - Scenes on Earth and in Orbit
TSFS: Kirk goes to find Spocks body, no exploring - Scenes in Orbit of Earth
TVH: Threat to Earth from Whale Probe, no exploring - Most of movie on Earth
TFF: Terrorist attack on Nimbus 3, no exploring - Scenes on Earth and in Orbit
TUC: Federation/Klingon plot to start a war, no exploring - Scenes on Earth and in Orbit
GENS: Mad Man wants to get back to the Nexus, no exploring - Scenes in orbit of Earth (on Earth in Nexus)
FC: Threat to Earth from the Borg, no exploring - Scenes on Earth and in Orbit
INS: Mad Man wants fountain of youth, no exploring - NO EARTH, after 20 years of Trek movies.
NEM: Threat to Earth from Picards evil twin, no exploring - Wedding scene on Earth, Enterprise in drydock in Earth orbit
In TMP, the Enterprise explored the surface and interior of V'Ger.

In TWOK, the Reliant explored what they thought was Ceti Alpha Six.

In TSFS, the Grissom explored the Genesis Planet.

In TFF, the Enterprise explored the planet that Sybok believed to be Sha Ka Ree.

In TUC, the Excelsior had just explored Beta Quadrant, cataloging gaseous planetary anomalies.

In INS, the duck blind was studying the Ba'ku, apparently as part of a mission to explore the Briar Patch, which covered their true purpose.

In NEM, Picard and company explored the surface of Kolarus III in a dune buggy.

STTMP: I didn't say there wasn't exploration of V'Ger but it's not the central theme of the movie, the relationship between Spock and the probe and the man-machine interface was more important. It IS true that this film had the most and purest scientific interest in it.

STII: Reliant was only looking for a place to use Genesis, they didn't WANT to find anything. Again, not the central theme of the movie..

STIII: There was a few min of scanning the planet, but the story was about finding and recovering SPock while the Klingons interrupted. Theme was about friendship and loyalty, not exploration.

STV: Theme was about finding God, no one cared about the planet. No one cared about the movie either.

STVI: Yup mentioned that one, this is not even remotely what the movie was about. The exploration was summed up in one or two lines by Sulu as a throwaway.

INS: The single movie where we don't see Earth. We see some new worlds and do some exploring. It's still not the theme of the movie but there is exploration here.

NEM: Kolarus: They wouldn't have been there without detecting positronic signals. There was no exploration of the planet, just of the signals. BTW, the culture there was pre-warp and they would have broken the prime directive by exploring the planet openly.

STID appears to have the most exploration of any of the movies. Its the first to go to a planet like episodes where they go on a mission.
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