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Re: STTMP featurette from the 1970s

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Has anyone seen this on youtube?
I did when it first came out on youtube 2/3 years ago, and it's absolutely a goldmine.

(I also included few screengrabs in my Memory Wall Pictures Collection page, sorry for the self promotion )

Aside the touching moments with Persis, among the other nice things you get to see is that they initially tired to blow up Klingon ships in the traditional way, intead of the "digitalization" which was finally done (for the better I'd say). Also there is a glimpse of the original matte painting for Vulcan, where it's daylight and not night as in the theatrical version (in contrast with Spock covering his eyes from the sun).

The real question is: does anyone know where to find a better version? This is probably a 35mm film put on a VHS and acquired in low resolution. It sure can be better than this.

Yup, forgot to mention the matte painting in daytime which made it to the DE years later. The also made a good choice not using the explosions...the digitizing works so much better in the movie!!

BTW I saw the featurette days ago then lost it on youtube, it's not an EASY find to make.
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