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Re: College: Gender Studies (Feminism Discussion)

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I see many comments saying things along the lines of "I always thought of you as one of the most insightful, intelligent, well-meaning posters..." I appreciate that. Have you considered, though, that I'm still that same supposedly insightful, intelligent and well-meaning person (as opposed to, say, a raging misogynist) and that your difficulties reconciling your earlier idea of me with my supposed bigotry and logical errors is that I'm not bigoted and did not make logical errors? That the problem is your own perception of these issues - the very misconceptions I was trying to warn against and challenge when I posted the original links to someone about to potentially dive into the lies.
Because what you said was so ridiculous that no matter how much good will you've built up, no one is going to buy it. It'd be like if a poster who is beloved here started saying, "No, guys, the Holocaust wasn't really that bad." It doesn't matter how well liked they are; what they are staying is bullshit.
We've met before, haven't we?
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