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Re: NBC: Jimmy Fallon to replace Jay Leno in 2014

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It's sad and funny, that Leno thinks the NBC executives are now snakes. What did he expect? ....Leno is an ass and should have told NBC to shove it, but selfishly he wanted his show back. Now I just follow Conan on Facebook and watch the funny clips he posts on his website.
Listen, I think Conan is much funnier than Jay. But the fact of the matter was that Jay was basically fired from a job he was successful at (commercially anyway) and loved. He was replaced by a guy who didn't get as high ratings so they asked him back. I don't see how that's his fault or why he should have refused to take back the gig, especially when it would have probably just led to Fallon or someone else replacing Conan.

If anything, it's the suits who orchestrated the change and then panicked when Conan wasn't an overnight sensation who deserve the blame.
IIRC, the decision was driven less by Conan's Tonight Show ratings and far more by the abysmal prime trime ratings of The Jay Leno Show. Honestly, I suspect that NBC would have been willing to stick with Conan except that Leno was guaranteed a $60 million payout if they cancelled The Jay Leno Show within 2 years. Conan was only guaranteed $40 million to make him go away. From a mathematical perspective, it simply made more sense to ditch Conan rather than Leno.

I think Conan is way funnier than Leno too but I have never understood the way Leno gets painted as a villain in all this. Honestly, the main driving force behind that whole debacle would have been the NBC executives that (1) realized that Conan was getting lucrative offers from other networks that NBC couldn't match while keeping him on Late Night, (2) made hasty promises to keep Conan by promising him The Tonight Show within a few years, and (3) made the really ill-advised desperation move to try to keep both of them by giving Leno a prime time talk show, which quickly failed. The scars of The Jay Leno Show can still be seen at NBC today. If not for The Jay Leno Show, they probably would have kept Southland and would generally have a better standing among the creative community for 1-hour dramas.

BTW, I'm always surprised that people talk about Conan as if he's an innocent victim in all this when he basically stole George Lopez's timeslot.

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Agree. Conan should get the Tonight Show back now, since Jay did then.
Big difference: Leno hadn't gone to another network. Conan's day is done. It wasn't his fault, he got screwed over, but now he's a niche player and it's pretty unlikely he'll have a big network shot again.
Well, considering how the big networks are progressively deteriorating (NBC faster than most), I'm not sure that means a heck of a lot anymore.

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Who says 11:35p has such a broad audience that they have to be tame with their jokes? It doesn't stop TDS and TCR on Comedy Central from going blue at 10pm. For that matter, it doesn't stop reruns of Roseanne on Fox at 10pm, or reruns of classic Simpsons episodes like Marge vs the Monorail.
What was so edgy about "Marge vs. the Monorail"?

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In addition, the Jay Show at 10pm (last I checked, it was a comedy talk show ) was taking all of the good prime guests away from Conan's show.
Actually, from what I recall hearing, The Jay Leno Show lost several high profile guests because the other networks were so offended by the notion of a talk show in prime time that they forbade many of their stars from appearing on it. I distinctly remember that Kelsey Grammer was forbidden from appearing on the show until after ABC cancelled Hank.
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