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Re: College: Gender Studies (Feminism Discussion)

I'm not going to post a gazillion links like DN but it seems my attention span deficits have meant I've never noticed that DN has been going on like this since 2009, just with less overt hostility (most of the time). Guess I should have paid more attention to the text walls. A search for posts by him with 'feminist' and/or 'feminism' in them turns up some disturbing stuff.

I'll just post two:

Truly disturbing ranting about how men are equally victims of domestic violence. The whole thread is an eye opener, climaxing in the big apology which really from my reading says "I am ashamed I said stuff that people don't like". Which apparently he has now gotten over. Really has nothing to do with the opinions though.

Much more in depth revealing of how his marginalization in childhood led him to these views, plus lots more of the views themselves.

I'm posting this because.. I've realized that my assumption that this was all tied into DN having a particularly bad time and snapping is wrong. Apparently he's always been like this.

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