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Re: Was Hartnell first?

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The Master was only able to steal Tremas' body because he still had the residual powers leftover as Keeper of Traken.
But he later stole Eric Roberts body in the 1996 Fox TV movie.
See post #62. I've already posited that both his recovery from being vaporized in "Planet of Fire" and his survival after being disintegrated in the movie may have been the result of the same power that he gained from the Source of Traken. I mean, why assume it was a one-time thing instead of a permanent change? After all, this is fantasy, and it's all just handwaves. In a series where Amy Pond can wish people back into existence after they've been erased from time, it's kind of silly to object that any given explanation for the Master's powers is arbitrary or inconsistent. Using the Source to explain all the anomalous things the Master did between "The Keeper of Traken" and the '96 movie is a nice, simple handwave, and Doctor Who is such a fanciful franchise that we don't really need anything more solid or logical than a handwave.
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